Jun 26, 2023

How to successfuly start your online casino in Asia in 2023

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In this video, Max shares five things that are critical to your success. Make sure you watch this video if you want to start an online casino business.
You’ll learn:
– What makes the Asian market different from other markets (like the European one).
– Why you should choose online slots over traditional card games, and how to calculate your gross gaming revenue
– What makes the difference when choosing software and platform providers in Asian markets
– Why it’s important to build relationships in this business


0:00 – Intro.
0:18 – Why it’s smart to market your online casino in only one country.
4:22 – Why focus on the Asian market?
5:40 – Choosing between traditional card games, sports betting and slots.
6:57 – What is RTP in online slots. How to calculate your GGR
8:14 – Building a team and key positions for your online casino
11:15 – Why credibility is a key to your success.
13:06 – Where to get software for the Asian market. Both – iGaming platform providers and online casino software providers
14:50 – Why building relationships is super important in the online gaming business.

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You need to stay proactive to negotiate the best deal with aggregators and software providers.
If you are just getting into the iGaming business, your biggest leverage is your attitude. Not much, huh? But even then, you can save yourself tens of thousands of dollars if you have the right mindset and knowledge.

In this video, Max reveals the best tactics to minimize your setup fee and get a great revenue share deal for your casino or sportsbook.

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  • Great content.. Do you also discuss licensing on how to become an affiliate in casino games and sports betting?

    american woman June 26, 2023 6:56 am Reply

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